15 Incredible Ideas for Small Baths

15 Incredible Ideas for Small Baths

Having a small bathroom does not mean having a sad or boring space. In fact, there are many resources at your disposal to make it look bigger or simply much more attractive. Space constraints should not affect creativity in designing any environment that should be cute and practical at the same time.

Materials, colors and bath accessories can be combined in an interesting way to make this division of the home a joyful and vital space. If you are willing to rediscover the potential of your bathroom, in this book of ideas we present you 15 examples of extremely challenging small baths that will prompt you to pick up brilliant ideas. Follow us!

Details of natural stone

The stone is a material that adds an unusual elegance and the bathroom is the ideal space to show all the beauty and versatility of this material, which can range from the wall coverings to small corners, as we see in the example above.

Modern details

An easy way to refresh the design of your small bathroom is to place some modern accessories such as soap dish, towel rails, baskets or point on proper lighting well-studied details will bring a remarkable aesthetic improvement that will be visible at first glance .

Little but functional

Space constraints must necessarily be taken into account in choosing the elements of your small bathroom. When choosing healthcare, furniture or decorative objects, you should not forget that in confined spaces less is more! So, few furniture and objects avoid making chaotic and oppressive space.


Jackets are great allies when dealing with a small bath. An eye-catching design creates a stimulating and welcoming environment, regardless of its size ceramic tiles, for example, can be of many colors, patterns and finishes that offer a wide range of possibilities to explore.

Catch the attention

Calling attention to an aspect of your small bathroom will help improve its aesthetic charge because it will distract the eyes from the small size. Creating a focal point by emphasizing one of the walls with a suitable coating can be enough to make you forget the reduced size of your bathroom.


Not only the size, even the shape of your bathroom has its importance. In rectangular rooms, for example, inserting elements that are part of the decoration in parallel will expand the central space, making the environment in question a victory in mobility!

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