5 Stays All White Who Know How To Make A Difference

5 Stays All White Who Know How To Make A Difference

White is just perfect! Perfect for enhancing every single touch of warmth during the winter and … perfect for this time of year the summer. The feeling of living in a place clear, healthy, bright and cool while in these hot months can really make a difference … come home after a day’s work and get into a nice white living room is really a panacea after the stress accumulated in public transport – overcrowded and a bit ‘smelly – or “comfortably” sit in our car (after a parking day welcomes us with the warmth that only one we would reserve the oven).

In short, the White residence is a right! Let’s see some interested as to which make up.

Old fashioned white

In an environment with double height, the bar stools solasbars, the wooden floor made gray and chrome pipes for the air conditioning are the essential components of a white living room able to stand out for its hipster character. Obviously choosing the right tiles to coat the only wall on which to apply a few furnishings from retro charm can make a difference …

Theory White

In this case, white is the common denominator in an environment where the perceptual changes are entrusted exclusively to the materials that are offered to alternating and mixing of light rays as anecdotes of a beautiful story. The plastering are minimal to enhance the properties of the natural stone. The time takes over the day reflections of different shades ranging from white to yellow heat of the early afternoon to the color pink at sunset on summer evenings is also reflected on the lake front.

nuanced contrasts

The choice of a mahogany floor or in the dark and hard wood essence is certainly an interesting possibility within a predominantly white space. The mediation between the walls and the floor is, in this beautiful project, headed by a soft carpet “long-haired” whose ends are lightened up to delicate light tones in harmony with the dominant color in-environment.

A frame on the landscape

Neutrality is obviously one of the most attractive features of a living room total white. In this project, autonomous structure to the fa├žade and the choice to minimize the furnishings are the trump cards to put in the middle stunning photography dynamics of the surrounding landscape.


For the bedroom simplicity and essentiality. A partition separates it from the bath, which in this way can receive light, leaving the room also a greater amplitude, a visual level, compared to a wall in full height.

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