8 Spectacular Apartments With Space-Saving Ideas

8 Spectacular Apartments With Space-Saving Ideas

Although modern houses are more and more characterized by small size and multi-functional spaces, our needs are maintained and even increased. Let us think for instance to the necessity to have a home office to work from home, rather than a second bathroom. But how you can try and fit it all The secret is to focus on practical solutions save space, capable of giving us precious centimeters. Then let us be inspired by the suggestions of our experts and discover together 8 spectacular apartments with ideas equally incredible saves space, all to be copied.

In the studio the walls also hide the library

Another practical space-saving solution is designed to be copied, in Bologna, from MIROARCHITETTI for a small apartment full of objects, furniture and books the partition walls are made of plasterboard, so you can host the library, and so others do not steal precious centimeters.

In the living room the storage platform hosting the study

The space, you know, it’s never enough. Even when you have 120 square meters available, as in the case of this modern elegant apartment in the former industrial area Marconi Ostiense in Rome. Here in fact the study ARCHIFACTURING who oversaw the restructuring has added to living a practical platform with triple function

study area

container cabinet, with an extension to the library

Elevated panoramic place, overlooking the neighborhood

It is an ingenious space-saving idea that, with a single solution allows to obtain a comfortable studio without sacrificing the utility room.

In the studio the kitchen walls hide the bunk bed

Only one local targeting multiple functions it is the typical scenario of many Italian apartments, especially in cities. How to fit it all Interior designers study the Indesign Bologna have succeeded in this stylish studio apartment with a minimalist style, where the living area in the wall hides the bunk bed just 30 cm deep to create a structure with folding networks and with two simple moves the kitchen turns into the bedroom.

Compact and character

Who said that the kitchen to be beautiful must necessarily make use of large size Here we see the proof of the exact opposite the colors, in this case, help to enhance the layout and make everything brighter and visually spacious.

Kitchen or living room

When the island becomes absolute protagonist, it is difficult to separate the kitchen from the living room itself. One element to exploit all its potential and capabilities.

The pastels that illuminate

Match up the crayons can be difficult, but this kitchen gives us a fabulous inspiration. wooden white and blue are mixed together creating a joyful atmosphere and totally practical

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