A House of Wonders That Has Everything!

A House of Wonders That Has Everything!

Children, you know, bring their lives to the entire home. But how to create the ideal environment so that young and old can coexist respecting the needs of both parties In today’s article, we present the home of a young family who, in addition to having a zen and refined design, allows its inhabitants, parents and children to have all the comforts needed to enjoy the best of family life.

The purpose of the assignment was to have a home that would ensure comfort and safety for their children, while at the same time facilitating family life without sacrificing their style. The project is made by Korean architects of the OUA studio, which have created a home that goes beyond the most rosy expectations.

Elegant and modern

The main facade of this house is north-facing, and overlooking the main road guarantees good lighting for several hours a day. The exterior looks robust and elegant, enigmatic and deeply fascinating. What more than anything else captures the attention is, of course, the large tree trunk that from the center of the entrance slides upwards until it reaches the upper floor balcony. Soft and neutral colors are another component that makes the house elegant.

A hallway show

Overcoming the front door we find ourselves in an elegant hall characterized by an interesting composition of different elements. To make these interiors extremely special are the high quality finishes characterized by a mix of different materials such as cement and glass, while artificial lighting enhances its charm.

Another noteworthy item is the floor. Bright and light, enhances the sensation of luxury and refinement in the interior of the house, creating a delicate and fascinating environment.

Open living room with high ceilings

Beautiful and elegant. This stay is truly worthy of being published in our editorial. Design and interior decoration are what really attracts attention to those who are used to a more western style and who want to get away from the more traditional design, very common in Asian homes.

A kitchen for the whole family

The kitchen is an integral part of the large open space that includes lounge and entrance. A large island determines the entrance. From the elegant and modern design, the kitchen has been carefully designed to provide a functional and effective end result.

Children can sit at the table, right next to their parents who will be busy preparing meals. Decisively predominant is the strong presence of white and black that further emphasize the monochrome appearance of this fantastic home.

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