Simple Ways to Make The Face Free from Acne

Having a smooth facial skin is the dream of everyone, both men and women. But for most people, it is very difficult to realize it. Many obstacles encountered, one of which is acne.

So, how a natural solution for acne does not come back again?

1. Keep your face clean

This is a common point which is also an important point on every issue of acne skin. Maintaining facial hygiene is very important. Pay attention to the cleanliness of items that have direct contact with your face, such as mobile phones, pillowcases, and masks.

Do not forget to wash your face before bed and after waking up, as well as after traveling. Wash your hands before touching the face area, and never touch your acne area, as it will aggravate acne.

2. Drinking water

Remember to meet the water needs in the body. White water is an important element in the body. White water serves to keep us from dehydration, keep skin moist, and help the detoxification process.

Consumption of enough water will help the skin remove toxins and impurities through sweat released through the pores, so the skin will become cleaner and healthier.

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3. Sports regularly

Exercise helps us to smooth the blood circulation, helps the detoxification process in the body, and rejuvenates the skin. This is because exercise can control the hormones DHEA and DHT which triggers acne on the skin, especially the face.

No need for strenuous sports such as push ups, mild exercise is also not a problem. All you need is to be consistent in exercise.

4. Limit your protein intake in the body

Consuming protein is good for the development of the body, but not everyone can consume protein. For some people, protein can trigger acne. This is because high-protein foods have hormones that stimulate the oil glands and cause acne.

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5. Avoid stress

Everyone has their own problems, but do not let the problem make us stressed yes. Stress has great potential to cause acne. Research says the cells that produce oil (sebum) have receptors on the stress hormone. If someone is in a state of severe stress, then sebum will appear faster and formed acne.

How to Lose Belly Fat After C-Section

A collection of secret guidance on how to shrink the stomach after a cesarean or normal 3 months with a traditional herb quickly and naturally you can find below here.

Childbirth is a divine nature given to a woman but unfortunately this birth process always leaves a mark that makes almost all women feel ashamed as the shape of the stomach and the hood akn look bigger than before and feel himself can not look beautiful anymore. But you know not all that feared women will not happen if you want to follow some methods how to shrink the stomach after giving birth to a cesarean or normal that is below here.

But before that I suggest you should use the method how to shrink the stomach after the birth of this caesar naturally if the condition of childbirth stepping on 3 months or more this is meant that your body condition has been fully recovered and most importantly the nutrients of the baby can be fulfilled perfectly, but if you insist on being able to look beautiful faster you should consult first with the midwife or the special doctor you trust most.

1. Breastfeeding Baby

Breastfeeding is the most effective natural postpartum shrinking method and has an excellent effect on keeping your baby healthy. Because by feeding the baby regularly indirectly you have to burn as many as 5000 calories every day. In addition you also have a role in providing the best nutrition for the baby that is in the form of breast milk.

2. Do a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is one way to shrink the stomach after giving birth to a caesarean
the most secure diet because this one uses a little diet method but is done often is about 6 times or more in a day. The main purpose of this diet to prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. And do not forget to multiply the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables try to be cooked only by boiled or steamed.

3. Choose Healthy Food Menu.

Foods that contain high levels of fat, sodium and carbohydrates are a major cause of obesity and distended stomach. So if you want to do the method how to shrink the stomach after childbirth 3 months without the need to disturb the needs of my baby sarakan you should often consume foods that are very rich in protein.