How To Stop Being Selfish And Start Enjoying Life

Selfish people hardly get to establish good friendships or gain the trust of others.

At some point in our lives, to a greater or lesser extent, we are all selfish . However, there are people who are in excess, so much so that their behavior stands out negatively. When others are selfish we immediately detect it, but when we are selfish, it is hard for us to recognize these attitudes , much less change them.

This behavior can negatively affect our interpersonal relationships. If you think that maybe you act selfishly, it is worth telling you that the most important thing in life is to be well, and for this it is appropriate to feed on good advice.

Characteristics of a selfish person

Selfish people hardly get to establish good friendships or gain the trust of others. Some of the qualities that characterize the selfish are:

  • They are not given to share; unless, of course, they want or can get some benefit in return.
  • In each situation try to get a reward.
  • When they do not get what they want they are spiteful and tend to feel offended.
  • Your efforts are minimal.
  • They only show interest for themselves, never for others.
  • They always want more than they can take, they are insatiable.
  • They do not stop until they get what they want.

Their attitude is “first me and then me”, their relationships are toxic, whether they are in a couple, in the workplace or with their friends; Most of the time they are not aware of who they are and the damage they cause to those around them, because they manipulate their environment to get what they want.

What to do if you are selfish?

A selfish behavior can be habitual; However, this does not mean that other attitudes can not be adopted, those that allow us to be more aware of how we are with others in order to improve the quality of interpersonal relationships.

If you think that you are acting selfishly and wish to change this attitude, then you should take into account the following tips:

1. Reflect and accept it

The first step is to detect and recognize the problem, what you do not like and consider that it does not make you a better person. This is essential to take action and be able to make a transformation in you, from those negative habits to positive ones.

You must reflect on how your behavior is and how it affects others and you, since selfish attitudes contribute to deteriorating relationships, causing suffering and feelings of discomfort. It is possible that by recognizing yourself as a selfish person, guilt will take over; however, think that you have just accepted your problem and are in the process of changing.

2. Change your perspective

Changing perspective means that you understand and are willing to accept that other people exist, that they have their ways of thinking and that they also count. That is to say, that there are not only your truths or your reasons.

This requires great effort, but in doing so, half the battle is won; When you have understood this point, you are ready to offer something to others, as opposed to thinking all the time you will only receive.

A study based on brain images, carried out by scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), has concluded that helping others is also of great benefit to those who provide help, and not only to the recipient; So when you give to other people, you will also feel better.

3. Stop believing that you are the center of the world

There is a difference between egotism, egocentricity and selfishness -although for many people it seems the same-, because you can be selfish without needing to be an egotist; However, these concepts are often related. In the case of the egoist, he wants everything for himself, and it is a behavior and an attitude; egotism consists in loving oneself very much; and egocentrism arises when people think that both they and their opinions make up the center of the universe and everything else is below.

They do not always appear together, but it is possible for a person to think a lot about himself, so much so that he does not take others into account or consider his needs. As a result of this, we will see people who, in addition to being self-centered, are also selfish. If you abandon this way of thinking, you can also stop being selfish.

4. You must be empathetic

To stop being a selfish person it is important that you learn to put yourself in the shoes of others. A person capable of feeling the suffering of another will try to relieve him and not harm him. Sometimes we act in a negative way because we are the ones who are on the defensive, we think that others want to hurt us, or that we are victims of prejudices, without stopping to think about the pain we could cause to others.

Therefore, being empathetic is about understanding others, being open to their feelings and emotions.

5. Listen actively

In order to be empathic, it is essential to listen to others, since we pay attention to what others verbalize, and what they express through their nonverbal language and behavior. This is known as “active listening” which is a type of skill that can be acquired and also developed with practice and you can get more info at

6. Not only do you receive, it also gives

Once you have understood the feelings of others, as well as their needs, you can then open your heart and really offer a friendship. To be happy we need to be surrounded by people, so that’s why we have to show that others also care about you.

7. Make the effort

What we have said does not mean that it is easy to act, especially when it comes to altruistic and compassionate behavior, precisely because selfishness has to do with the way in which we have been educated, in addition to the fact that society promotes this type of attitude.

It is important to do your part, understand that you will not always get immediate pleasure, or benefits from everything to which we give ourselves, because thinking like this distorts reality and makes us act without taking others into account, or consider the consequences of our Actions.

Life consists of accumulating experiences that mark us, make us grow and create bonds with other people, but when it comes to love, everything fails; so discover what are the types of irresponsible loves that we’ve all had at some time in our lives.

How To Survive The Change

An entrepreneur shares what you should look for in your employees and implement in your company to innovate and remain in the market.

The world changes quickly. In recent years we have witnessed more inventions and transformations than were previously generated in spaces of decades and even centuries. Just look around and observe the way we communicate and work to realize that little has to do with how we did at the beginning of this millennium.

This fast and exponential evolution is exciting; However, it is a complex challenge for entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporations. Technology changes and the way of doing business too, then why do not you? Pedro Moeno, creator of Oppino , a global innovation consultancy, shares the five keys that a company must incorporate in its model to not only survive changes in the market, but to anticipate them:

1. Curiosity.

This quality that distinguishes human beings is the basis of an innovative company. Curiosity is also the origin of creativity; And for a business to survive and adapt to changes, it must generate ideas and creative solutions to problems.

Make curiosity a healthy habit in your company: encourage your team to share their ideas and find new ways of doing things. Remember that innovation is not only in the products, but also can be in processes, marketing, way of working, and so on.

2. Skill

Many scientists agree that one of the characteristics that differentiated man from his simian relatives was the opposable thumb; This “small” change in evolution is what allows us to handle the tools and become engineers. As for so many things in life (such as manipulating objects and operating machines), skill is necessary to create ideas, produce products and make them succeed in the market.

That is why it is key that in your company there are two basic components: talent and training . Try to recruit people with talent, skills and passion, but make sure they learn every day and become experts in their area (nothing better than developing your own talent). One of the greatest values ??of companies that live for many years is that they have trained and knowledgeable people who know how to adapt to changes.

3. Communication.

It is key that an organization has an efficient communication towards all its public, both internal and external. Communication allows finding new ideas, solving problems, avoiding conflicts and accelerating processes.

In order for your company to work like a well-oiled machine, you must try to have the appropriate communication channels. It promotes versatility (that employees experience in different areas) and healthy coexistence. Create an “open door” policy and allow everyone to express themselves freely.

4. Courage.

“Nothing ventured nothing gained”…. This old adage is the one that best explains the importance of innovation and taking risks in a company. You can not go to the “safe” or stay where you are; To survive in the dynamic market you must take risks and dare to challenge the status quo (clearly, making an analysis of the risks and taking measures to reduce the possible negative effects).

At this point, Moneo affirms that it is essential to motivate entrepreneurship within the same organization. These workers / entrepreneurs are called “intrapreneurs” and are the best tool to revolutionize your company and take it to the next level.

5. Ethics.

This factor, which is often forgotten in the business world, is essential for a company to survive in the long term. Carefully define the values ??and mission of the company and communicate them to everyone who works with you. A successful company must act for the welfare of its customers, its employees, its partners and shareholders, its community and the environment. Only in this way does he achieve permanence in time.

Moneo explains that these five characteristics are what you should have in mind when recruiting your employees. From the job interviews, check that the candidate complies with them; consider that if you do not have people who can adapt to change, your company probably does not have what it takes to survive and ends up disappearing.

Is Your Business Dangerous To Your Health?

Some statistics show that self-employed people are twice as likely to die as those who work for a company.

Unless you are excessively macabre, dying is probably not up to the list of things to do. However, some statistics show that those who are self-employed are twice as likely to die as those who are employed in a company.

To test this assertion, according to the Census of lethal occupational injuries (Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries) , conducted in the United States who are self- employed are more likely to suffer a fatal accident that those working as employees.

The common victims of the businesses include owners of retail establishments, such as convenience stores, supermarkets and restaurants, who die mainly from homicides. Employers were the victims of 22 percent of homicides, compared with 16 percent of employees. While gunshot wounds were the most common cause of death in employers.

Guy Toscano, director of the census program, identified a common threat among homicide victims:

“They work alone, and they leave late with cash,” he says.

Considering that entrepreneurship is becoming more popular and crime is intensifying, Toscano predicts that the number of business deaths will probably increase. Therefore, as your risk intensifies, have a bit of common sense: Put your money in a safe place, take precautions, be aware of your environment and go home early for once.

Know The Behaviors Of Authentic People

This quality that could help such a significant number of business visionaries to succeed is in risk of eradication. Increment your certainty and set out to sparkle.

Regardless of whether you are building a business or a system, you will dependably need to search for individuals who are honest to goodness. All things considered, no one needs to work or invest energy with a phony. On the off chance that you have questions, veritable means present, true, legit . Honest to goodness individuals act pretty much the same all around. Sadly, it is a quality hard to observe. The issue is that every single human association are relative. All are a component of how we see each other through a subjective view.

Being veritable is an extraordinary quality. In a world brimming with false individuals, dependent on the media, virtual individuals, constructive scholars and individual brands, everybody needs what they can not have and no one is content with their life.

To enable you to distinguish this peculiar race, this is the way veritable individuals ought to carry on:

They don’t look for consideration. They don’t should be encouraged by the sense of self. The individuals who look to pull in consideration have a gap that must be filled however bona fide individuals believe in themselves.

They don’t stress over falling admirably. The should be adored originates from weakness and narcissism. Make a need to control your feelings and those of others. Individuals with certainty are true. In the event that you like them, great, if not, that is fine as well.

They understand when others are false. Perhaps guileless individuals can be effortlessly bamboozled, however certifiable individuals can not. They know about reality and that gives them a base on which they can understand when things don’t bode well. There is a major distinction.

They feel great with themselves. At age 70, performer Leonard Nimoy said he was nearer than any time in recent memory to being OK with himself, as was Spock. A large portion of us battle against that. As David Thoreau once stated, “The majority lead an existence of depression peacefully.”

They do what they say and say what they feel. They don’t have a tendency to overstate. They stay faithful to their obligations. They don’t examine their words or sweeten them. On the off chance that you have to hear reality they will let you know, in spite of the fact that it is hard for them to state it and for you to hear it out.

They don’t require numerous things. When you are OK with yourself, you needn’t bother with things to be glad. You know where to discover bliss, inside you, in others, in your work. You discover joy in the most straightforward things.

They don’t have thin skin. They don’t consider everything so important, so they don’t get outraged by what others say.

They are not all that unobtrusive or pleased. By believing in their qualities, they don’t have to gloat. Likewise, they don’t indicate false humility. Quietude is a positive trademark, however it is surprisingly better to be immediate.

They are predictable. Bona fide individuals can be strong, significant or overwhelming. They know each other well and are in contact with their feelings, they are pretty much unsurprising, positively.

They try to do they say others should do. They are not going to encourage somebody to accomplish something in the event that they would not do it. All things considered, certified individuals realize that they are not superior to others, so it isn’t in their inclination to act naturally adequate.

These individuals consider themselves to be others would on the off chance that they were target spectators. There isn’t much handling, control or control between what is in your mind and what individuals see and hear.

When you know it, honest to goodness individuals are pretty much reliable with the way they initially said they were. What you see is the thing that you get. It is dismal that presently such a positive quality is in danger of vanishing. In addition to the fact that it is harder to discover it in others, it is more confounded to be certified with ourselves.