Britain, Too, Thinks About Taxing Large Banks

Britain, Too, Thinks About Taxing Large Banks

The British imitate the Americans once again. The new British government is in fact working on the launch of taxes on its banks as Barack Obama is doing in the United States. British taxes could arrive at a total cost of eight billion pounds (equivalent to more than nine billion Euros). He writes the Sunday edition of the Independent newspaper citing confidential sources and officials.

The measures, states the Independent on Sunday, they could be introduced unilaterally by the coalition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats 22 June in his first budget, the budget, as part of plans to limit the current record deficit.

The G20, the group of most developed countries and emerging, next month will discuss proposals on taxes for the banking sector, but the British Conservatives have already stated they would be prepared to go it alone.

The market purchases of debt securities issued by general government, even in the long term, with relative ease because, in addition to the premium, it is sure that these immune from failure, return the owed. The Greek crisis has cracked this certainty. After the bankruptcy of large banks before the saver it was also facing the specter of bankruptcy of sovereign states. It ‘just to exorcise that ministers from across Europe have flocked to the bedside of Greece.

It means to have a much higher public debt than other countries? That every year a greater share of current expenditure must be allocated to the payment of interest charges, rather than to government measures to support the economy. These are significant figures: in 2009 in Italy, interest expenditure amounted to 4.7 percentage points of GDP, 71.2 billion euro. If our debt was half of what exists (as it should), we would have an annual sum of about 35 billion euro (as many as 10 more of the maneuver just launched) available for fiscal actions. that in cosda If the bar can justify some doubts. But the next-door neighbor, who works in the bank,

It serves so little martyred civil servants to save 7 or 8 billion euro. Need to reduce waste and inefficiency, the prevention of tax evasion, but above all to put fuel (and do not even need much) knowledge (education and research), the only area that will give us that extra point of growth without which the mountain debt can not be scaled. The asset can be the fuel.

Online Communications, Retail And Shot Down Schools, Good Banks

Online Communications, Retail And Shot Down Schools, Good Banks

The sectors that use worse online communication with the public are the Retail and Education. This was revealed by the study Communication Crackdown Coleman Parkes Research Ricoh Europe, conducted on consumers in 22 countries. The survey is in fact as 76% of respondents as bocci irrelevant emails received by companies of the distribution, while 75% of respondents expressed the same opinion as those received by schools as primary schools, secondary schools and universities.

But, albeit to a lesser extent, the negative judgment about online spares no type of company for all sectors, judging little relevant and useful emails received is more than 50% of respondents.

Results consistent with those of the rest of the first part of the research Communication Crackdown, which showed how the information that companies send email to their clients, active or potential, did not translate into a tragic own goal. With 57% of the public willing to stop any kind of relationship with the companies that floods them of press, and 63% that it intends, as a reaction, reducing purchases of the products of these companies (see Affaritaliani February 15, 2016).

In the general rejection of the lesser evil are the financial services companies and those in the public sector 39% and 42% of respondents, respectively, believe that the emails sent from these areas are effective. It is probably no coincidence that in these areas there are more stringent regulations on the management and use of personal data.

There’s a reason why the distribution and educational institutions are sending too many communications, said David Mills, number 1 of Ricoh Europe, the retail companies are in fact faced with the growth of online sales -which they are changing the consumer buying behavior and lead to a reduction of prices- while in the education sector the decrease in public funding has made it even harder to attract new students. In both cases, the reaction seems to be to send more and more on-line information material. However, the absence of targeted and personalized communications produces the opposite effect, eventually irreparably damage relations with consumers and students.

The journalists of the Corriere della Sera want to buy a piece of newspaper. With Elkann-Marchionne chiamatosi duo out of the game, you need a new strong partner that field gains. But it is not, because the more suspect (Urbano Cairo) has already opposed a polite no. In this void would place themselves journalists.

Furnish In White Why And How To Do It!

Furnish In White Why And How To Do It!

With its whiteness and its peculiarities, the white becomes trump card in the hands of designers and international designers. Decorate the house and cover surfaces using non-color par excellence is indeed a habit to which industry professionals can not give up, for various and valid reasons, first of all, the brightness it conveys. White enhances the sizes, lights environments and combines perfectly with all shades, making ideal leitmotif of contemporary housing and non-residential buildings. There are many stylistic combinations that allows for its innate versatility, as there are so many styles and contexts that can satisfy. How can we use it to further refine the interior design of the house How many and what good reason should convince us to choose white as a must and undisputed protagonist of our rooms

Let’s find out right away, through 6 exciting examples from Italy and abroad!

Illuminate environments

Known and obvious, the axiom of white as the light conductor is one of the catalysts immoderate use of this neutral color within each type of space, from the smallest to the largest. Especially when the environment does not enjoy large, make the white on walls, furniture and even tissues, may lead to a significant improvement in visual-wide architecture. Natural light is in fact conveyed by light colors captained by white, but even better implemented by the total white. Even artificial lighting, in the dark fell, if well calibrated and affixed in the right places of the rooms, can guarantee perfect pairing for maximum brightness and impressive home.

Give the light of the kitchen

The total white is a big must, even in the kitchen! If in fact we are used to thinking of living and in particular to the kitchenette as the hub of domestic life, here is that white will be a good ally to accompany us during the daily experience. If anyone is still skeptical as to associate the white aseptic environments, the proposal signed Schott Cuisines be effective to change your mind. The shabby and traditional approaches here perfectly impeccable palette ethereal, making the whole very bright kitchen, cozy and elegant. Even so the tradition meets contemporary style, creating a refined and studied in detail.

Make stylish every corner

The elegance of white lives in every corner that covers, from the most visible to the most hidden. Whether it’s a small finishing or is an integral part of the furniture, the candor of this neutral color defines and makes refined each complement.

Photography Goals Angle Of View Object

Photography Goals Angle Of View Object

The second is related to a possible circular polarization filter that we have mounted in front of our goal we will have to go to readjust every time we act on focus. Not really comfortable.

We pass to the problem of chromatic aberrations. As already described in the chapter of the aberrations, the different wavelengths corresponding to the different colors have different speeds.

The short-wave (blue) are slower of long waves (colors toward red), and then arrive in delay on the sensor The more slow-wave will suffer a greater refraction in the transition from the lens (and all the other passages of material) than the longer waves. It follows that the optics will not be able to focus all the colors perfectly if we assume to focus the green, the optical focus the red after the sensor and the blue first of the sensor. This problem is precisely the chromatic aberration.

What to check when buying a lens We must determine whether it is a traditional objective, achromatic or apochromatic. In the case of an achromatic objective, it means that this is able, thanks to the combination of different optical elements (to glass and other low dispersion, for example), to focus two primary colors. In the case of apochromatic lenses (whose cost is very high), the same is capable of focusing all three primary colors.

Also eye the longitudinal chromatic aberration. It ‘similar chromatic aberration described before but, because of the always different speed, the light rays which affect the lens in an oblique manner will be to focus at different points of the sensor (higher and lower, as shown in the figure above ). As in the case of the first, assuming properly focus the green, we will have the blue (slower moving) focused upwards while the red more downward. This aberration is corrected only in expensive apochromatic objectives, the same that correct chromatic aberration seen before. Infrared Warning Apochromat are built to correct the visible light, so sull’infrarosso behave as if they were traditional targets. Also remember that the longitudinal aberration is also corrected simply by reducing the lens aperture.

The spherical aberration is the third aberration to be taken into account during the purchase of a goal. This type of aberration is the inability of a single lens to focus more parallel rays in the same punto.I rays which strike the edges of the lens, because of the greater path to take to reach the sensor, first focus of the same sensor, as well as the rays that pass through the center of the focus lens after the sensor.

The Evolution Of The Camera Obscura,The Room Clear

The Evolution Of The Camera Obscura,The Room Clear

Let’s start with the anticipation that a room can cost very little clear as can cost several Euros, depending on how we want to make technological and powerful. Unlike the dark room where, for better or worse, you need to start with everything you need, the room light is something that can be improved from time to time, until you get to the level of excellence that will really help us in the work of post production and printing

Basically, a clear room must contain: a computer for post production and editing images akusewa, a monitor, a printer. This list can then further expand adding a scanner for photos and / or negative, a graphics tablet for easier manipulation of images, a second monitor support, a NAS to store our photographs. Let’s see, below, what we need to set our clear room (room apart from that, this time, can be enlightened as we want).

The computer. Working with photos means to process very large files often have little to do with the video card. This means that the least important component in a computer dedicated exclusively to editing is, in fact, the video card. For the latter, however, remember that you must have at least two video outputs: otherwise affix a budget (say about 150 €) and choose the best that the market offers. Memory is vital to the contrary: 16 Gb are a must (the speed affects the performance, but not enough to force us to spend disproportionate numbers). Also important is storage: HDD as main bodies with a good SSD 128Gb HDD support while as you can opt for 1Tb, considering the very low price. The processor is crucial as it will be exploited to the maximum in image manipulation. Intel I7 (those with K are overclockable) should be your choice, while the motherboard go for one that has at least one USB 3.0 output. The power supply and the case should be as silent as possible (concentration above all!) But without fainting. The power supply, for example, can be of 500W if you do not overdo it with the video card. In any case, use of the computer for photo editing should not reach 1000 euro to around the € 800 (the difference is often the video card).

The monitor. My advice is to equip yourself with at least a pair of monitor where it can be oriented vertically. As for size and resolution, these are related mostly to the budget you have. One of the best monitors in circulation for photography

A House of Wonders That Has Everything!

A House of Wonders That Has Everything!

Children, you know, bring their lives to the entire home. But how to create the ideal environment so that young and old can coexist respecting the needs of both parties In today’s article, we present the home of a young family who, in addition to having a zen and refined design, allows its inhabitants, parents and children to have all the comforts needed to enjoy the best of family life.

The purpose of the assignment was to have a home that would ensure comfort and safety for their children, while at the same time facilitating family life without sacrificing their style. The project is made by Korean architects of the OUA studio, which have created a home that goes beyond the most rosy expectations.

Elegant and modern

The main facade of this house is north-facing, and overlooking the main road guarantees good lighting for several hours a day. The exterior looks robust and elegant, enigmatic and deeply fascinating. What more than anything else captures the attention is, of course, the large tree trunk that from the center of the entrance slides upwards until it reaches the upper floor balcony. Soft and neutral colors are another component that makes the house elegant.

A hallway show

Overcoming the front door we find ourselves in an elegant hall characterized by an interesting composition of different elements. To make these interiors extremely special are the high quality finishes characterized by a mix of different materials such as cement and glass, while artificial lighting enhances its charm.

Another noteworthy item is the floor. Bright and light, enhances the sensation of luxury and refinement in the interior of the house, creating a delicate and fascinating environment.

Open living room with high ceilings

Beautiful and elegant. This stay is truly worthy of being published in our editorial. Design and interior decoration are what really attracts attention to those who are used to a more western style and who want to get away from the more traditional design, very common in Asian homes.

A kitchen for the whole family

The kitchen is an integral part of the large open space that includes lounge and entrance. A large island determines the entrance. From the elegant and modern design, the kitchen has been carefully designed to provide a functional and effective end result.

Children can sit at the table, right next to their parents who will be busy preparing meals. Decisively predominant is the strong presence of white and black that further emphasize the monochrome appearance of this fantastic home.

Edo Arrives, The App Detects Calories And Nutritional Value Of The Foods You Buy At The Supermarket

Edo Arrives, The App Detects Calories And Nutritional Value Of The Foods You Buy At The Supermarket

It could become the most downloaded app by the fanatics of the diet. Edo not only explains how to eat but a single click, the camera of our smartphone, reveals all the nutritional values ??of the foods you usually buy at the supermarket. A new application to facilitate us in understanding those abstruse labels, to sum up the information and recasting them in a clear but scientific. Created by four young men, three computer and an expert in power, this app could really change the way we eat, revealing a little more about those foods industry that usually consume without asking too many questions.

Thus women always on a diet, those who do not want to go any time by nutritionist and prefer to improvise relying on “do it yourself” but without mistakes harga iphone, they might just know everything about food with the mobile scanning bar codes of packaged products and discover not only all the ingredients but also the nutritional values, and perhaps realize that a great part of industrial products, even those unsuspected, contain high amounts of sugar.
How to use Edo

Simple, just take a picture with your smartphone, and within seconds the app will give a vote to the product that you are considering purchasing, revealing even if it is shown or not to the specific needs of consumers, or whether there are limitations due to allergies or intolerances. Finally Edo summarizing the main positive and negative characteristics of each product, also suggesting healthier alternatives.

In the case where a product is not yet in the database it will simply be reported, to receive in a few days the specifications. At the time of Edo you found little more than a hundred products, but the application is constantly updated thanks to user feedback that already use it.

It would seem that the more coins are accumulated that can fix the collarbone closer you are to this elusive ideal woman “skinny”. The objective of this selfie obviously expose protruding bones using the hashtag in short all crazy for this new game of the moment, a dangerous game according to experts, that in these cases speak of fashions that can be briefly summarized in category “thinispiration”, much vaunted by websites “pro-ana”. A transient fashion? Apparently not, change the “subjects” of selfie, but the question remains the same: the so-called canon of beauty “slim-fit”.

Do It Yourself, Here’s How To Sell Their Creations On The Internet

Do It Yourself, Here’s How To Sell Their Creations On The Internet

If you are expert in DIY and want to sell them for some money overcharged or even create a true e-commerce, there is a better idea to use the Internet and network with all its resources. But how?

First of all, it is good to think that the network is only “apparently” no-limits, but in reality it has several binary options terpercaya. One, the most important is to be found in the vast sea of ??ads.
How to sell online?

Suppose you have created the DIY wedding favors, the best idea is to sell the products on sites known as, Backeca, Kijiji and E-bay. This way, you can launch your DIY with photography, presentation and announcement of the sale, in a completely free. In addition, you will be protected in the privacy and will not have to “give explanations” on the price and margin in the ad text. Obviously, with regard to revenues, you have to be the rules of the IRS.

Sell ??online without VAT

If you have determined that your product works, then you have to create your own blog or your website. This creates an online showcase of your beautiful creations. As we said, we can sell under the occasional performance, issuing a receipt specific to reach the threshold gain of € 5,000, after which it will be necessary to open the VAT and no longer pay withholding tax (20%) on fees, but, in fact VAT.
Sell ??their creations on Facebook

Facebook is not a place of sale. Although for some years now, his enthusiastic success as social networks most used in the world, has certainly made it attractive as a sales tool online, it is illegal to sell on Facebook. What you can do is instead on social ADVERTISING ‘. On the other hand, it appears that there exists a successful sale without advertising? We use Facebook as a showcase, a way to achieve our contacts and “warn” we have created a business or want to bring to the attention of the contacts, our beautiful creations. As? Creating a fan page of our website or a product presentation event.
Sites that sell DIY to create an e-commerce

If your idea works, you can expect to make a small investment of sponsorship and through Facebook itself, indeed sponsoring the page (this service for a fee) is by selling your product on sites selling fee (up to 3% attention) that, in exchange for the sale of the product, take a small percentage of labor management.

Market research

Last but not least, do a little market research on the product that you are going to sell to try to cover an area or an area that is not over-inflated. Obviously, you do competitive prices, be sincere, honest and 100% transparent. The web is so helpful with those who risk, as merciless with those who make mistakes! Who thinks to hide generally they’re wrong!

15 Incredible Ideas for Small Baths

15 Incredible Ideas for Small Baths

Having a small bathroom does not mean having a sad or boring space. In fact, there are many resources at your disposal to make it look bigger or simply much more attractive. Space constraints should not affect creativity in designing any environment that should be cute and practical at the same time.

Materials, colors and bath accessories can be combined in an interesting way to make this division of the home a joyful and vital space. If you are willing to rediscover the potential of your bathroom, in this book of ideas we present you 15 examples of extremely challenging small baths that will prompt you to pick up brilliant ideas. Follow us!

Details of natural stone

The stone is a material that adds an unusual elegance and the bathroom is the ideal space to show all the beauty and versatility of this material, which can range from the wall coverings to small corners, as we see in the example above.

Modern details

An easy way to refresh the design of your small bathroom is to place some modern accessories such as soap dish, towel rails, baskets or point on proper lighting well-studied details will bring a remarkable aesthetic improvement that will be visible at first glance .

Little but functional

Space constraints must necessarily be taken into account in choosing the elements of your small bathroom. When choosing healthcare, furniture or decorative objects, you should not forget that in confined spaces less is more! So, few furniture and objects avoid making chaotic and oppressive space.


Jackets are great allies when dealing with a small bath. An eye-catching design creates a stimulating and welcoming environment, regardless of its size ceramic tiles, for example, can be of many colors, patterns and finishes that offer a wide range of possibilities to explore.

Catch the attention

Calling attention to an aspect of your small bathroom will help improve its aesthetic charge because it will distract the eyes from the small size. Creating a focal point by emphasizing one of the walls with a suitable coating can be enough to make you forget the reduced size of your bathroom.


Not only the size, even the shape of your bathroom has its importance. In rectangular rooms, for example, inserting elements that are part of the decoration in parallel will expand the central space, making the environment in question a victory in mobility!

5 Stays All White Who Know How To Make A Difference

5 Stays All White Who Know How To Make A Difference

White is just perfect! Perfect for enhancing every single touch of warmth during the winter and … perfect for this time of year the summer. The feeling of living in a place clear, healthy, bright and cool while in these hot months can really make a difference … come home after a day’s work and get into a nice white living room is really a panacea after the stress accumulated in public transport – overcrowded and a bit ‘smelly – or “comfortably” sit in our car (after a parking day welcomes us with the warmth that only one we would reserve the oven).

In short, the White residence is a right! Let’s see some interested as to which make up.

Old fashioned white

In an environment with double height, the bar stools solasbars, the wooden floor made gray and chrome pipes for the air conditioning are the essential components of a white living room able to stand out for its hipster character. Obviously choosing the right tiles to coat the only wall on which to apply a few furnishings from retro charm can make a difference …

Theory White

In this case, white is the common denominator in an environment where the perceptual changes are entrusted exclusively to the materials that are offered to alternating and mixing of light rays as anecdotes of a beautiful story. The plastering are minimal to enhance the properties of the natural stone. The time takes over the day reflections of different shades ranging from white to yellow heat of the early afternoon to the color pink at sunset on summer evenings is also reflected on the lake front.

nuanced contrasts

The choice of a mahogany floor or in the dark and hard wood essence is certainly an interesting possibility within a predominantly white space. The mediation between the walls and the floor is, in this beautiful project, headed by a soft carpet “long-haired” whose ends are lightened up to delicate light tones in harmony with the dominant color in-environment.

A frame on the landscape

Neutrality is obviously one of the most attractive features of a living room total white. In this project, autonomous structure to the façade and the choice to minimize the furnishings are the trump cards to put in the middle stunning photography dynamics of the surrounding landscape.


For the bedroom simplicity and essentiality. A partition separates it from the bath, which in this way can receive light, leaving the room also a greater amplitude, a visual level, compared to a wall in full height.