Accessories – The Hood

Accessories – The Hood

The title of this article should be the hood – this unknown. The reason is very simple with the passage of time, fewer and fewer photographers make use of the hood, however, making a huge mistake.

Ansel Adams used to say There is no photograph without a hood. Concept absolutely true in his time, when technology was not so advanced to help the photographer also in eliminating reflections sewa lcd proyektor semarang. But we are sure that the current lenses are actually able to eliminate any parasite reflection The answer is no in the photo to follow it is clear how the light rays from the sun start and how in the right part of the image you have created two colored flare.

The reason why you create these artifacts is very simple the light rays coming from outside the field of view (ie not part of the image) go in sideways hitting the front lens causing, due to refractions and reflections inside the lens, flare, stray reflections, light rays, haze effect, ghost reflections, contrast fall.

Eliminate these parasitic elements is possible in two ways with particularly expensive lenses or with very few Euros and a plastic piece to be attached by screwing, before the lens. This piece of plastic is called, precisely, lens hood. As you can imagine then, the function of the lens hood (a truncated pyramid, totally blackened inside) is precisely to prevent the external oblique rays to strike the lens field of view.

When the lens hood should be used Many believe that the hood will serve to cover the direct sun, but it is absolutely wrong these unwanted rays have so much in a day as full sun on a cloudy day. It goes without saying that the lens hood should be used always and especially when front of the camera mount additional filters increasing the number of windows does nothing but amplify the refraction and reflection of the bad rays and then the ‘ increase of artifacts.

The hood, as mentioned, is ultimately a piece of plastic and its economic value is actually negligible. Careful what you buy lens hood it must be consistent with the angle of lens. This means that every goal should have a personal lens hood. Longer the focal length is long, greater will be the length of the lens hood (and thus better fulfill its purpose), most will rather short order, shorter (and open) will be the same hood.

7 Inputs That Will Make You Feel Proud Of Your Home

7 Inputs That Will Make You Feel Proud Of Your Home

The input should not be neglected area of ??our house, where we put the first things that come to mind and to which we devote no time to think about how to furnish it. Always remember that it is the first thing you see every day when we come home and the first impression that our guests have of where we live.

Have an elegant entrance, square or elongated, it is not as difficult as you think. There are many alternatives both decorative and functional in order to obtain the maximum even from what seems hidden. In this book of ideas we will present seven very different inputs, which take so many fresh ideas to give a new life to your input.

Bright and discreet

The moderately large entrance of this country house is decorated in a modern style. The presence of a console on which rest of potted plants and some decorative elements with a rustic flavor are the main features of this area.

The photographs in black and white that we see hanging on the wall, refer to the nostalgic memories of trips to distant lands. You may also feel perfectly crisp air and the warm hospitality that permeates every corner of this room.

Mirror Makeup

This house has just one small room as an input, but that has not intimidated the owners in choosing give her a makeover.

The mirror panels on the walls are the perfect trick to get a sense of spaciousness. However, the most interesting elements in this project are the red touch on one side and the stickers drawing the world map on the wall opposite. The recessed lights in the ceiling provide the small space sufficient lighting.

Original and eclectic

The exceptionally imaginative decor of this small corridor gives it a unique appearance. The combination of colors, dominated by shades of blue, is not something we’re used to seeing every day.

The presence of small sunny yellow colored stools, the colored vases, green and sculpture of a bust further enhance its charm.

Modern and charming

You know that the colors of the doors can reveal a lot about your home A turquoise for the front door leads to the tranquility that can be found inside. lighting fixtures with an elegant design complete the atmosphere.

In addition, large mirrors on the walls leaning classic memory accentuate the brightness, while the checkered floor adds a touch eighties years. The large wardrobe is practical idea to store coats or bags to return home.

How To Download Facebook Videos Freemake Video Downloader

How To Download Facebook Videos Freemake Video Downloader

Now let’s look at the alternative software to download Facebook videos. This is a program to install on PCs that in addition to working for the world’s most famous social network can be used for any video on the web. The program offers in addition to the ability to download video, also feature to choose the quality and convert video to other formats, ie AVI, MKV, WMV, 3GP for mobile devices, MP3 to save as a music file or audio track And other formats to allow playback on any type of device.

To use this program you must first link to the Download section of the official site of Freemake Video Downloader, then scroll down until you find the blue icon of the software and click Download to start downloading it game ppsspp. When the download is complete click on the icon and the installation will start, which you will have to continue by clicking on the Next button until you reach the screen with the Finish button, which you will click to start the software automatically.

So do this with the browser on the Facebook page where the video is embedded and copy the link as we have already described in the second option of this guide on how to download Facebook videos. Then go back to the software interface and click the blue Paste web address button. Then login to Facebook by entering your credentials on the window that will appear, and then click Download. A window will appear where you can choose the quality, name, destination folder, and whether to convert the video to another format. Once you’ve decided everything, click again on Download for the final download.

To download this extension you need to go to Chrome Store or Mozilla Store if you are using Firefox, and click the blue button Add to the first or the green button Download now for the second. It will then start installing the add-in, and when finished you will need to restart the browser. That’s what will appear at the top right next to the address bar the Video DownloadHelper icon, and clicking on it will appear all the multimedia content on the web page you are viewing. At this point just click the + button or click the name of the video and choose Download to download it. The important thing is to be on the page where the video is to make it appear in the add-on.

How To Burn CD And DVD Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE

How To Burn CD And DVD Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE

Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE is what we consider the best available free alternative for burning CDs and DVDs, with the highest number of functions and modes available. If you want a more professional version can also benefit from the trial period Ashampoo Burning Studio 16, which is its paid version. With this software you can burn CDs and DVDs in addition to data, even those videos, music CDs and disk images. Virtually all the most important and essential functions in the field of multimedia burning.

To install Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE open the link we will above and click on the link that says Download & use for free to download the 31 MB installation file (do not worry for the written in English, the software is Italian) teknorus. At the end of the run it and click Ok download. Accept the license by clicking I accept and I proceed, and in the menu that appears not enter codes in the text bar, but click below on Get a free activation key. Enter your email in the web page that will open and give the OK, then find yourself in the inbox of your email box, find the email address of Ashampoo and click Confirm. Then another page, click Not now and you will see the license key now use the CTRL + C keys to copy the key. Get back on the installation window, move the cursor to the text bar Your license key and press Ctrl + V to paste. Now click on Next twice and will start the automatic software installation wait for terms and click Finish. It launches the program automatically. Depending on the disc you are creating, select Burn Data, Music, Copy Disc, and so on we will make an example for a DVD Video. Click Movie, so if you have the film in a selected DVD Video format for DVD folder (otherwise the option to choose the file type you have). Now click on Browse … and select the file. In the first text box, enter the title of the film, and then proceed by clicking Next after you have obviously inserted the DVD into your player. It will start burning the DVD, after which the film will be ready to watch.To install Nero Click Full version, enter all your data, including credit card or PayPal, and then click Next to buy the software.

16 Wardrobe Cabinets to See Absolutely Before Thinking About You

16 Wardrobe Cabinets to See Absolutely Before Thinking About You

To organize the best and have a more orderly looking bedroom, there is nothing better than a walk-in closet as well as being a space where all our crazy expenses are concentrated, there is plenty of space to arrange clothes And accessories so as to leave the bedroom free from chaos. This solution can increase the functionality of the entire home, as well as improving the quality of life.

Today we present this book of ideas with 16 fantastic examples of cabinets to inspire you to create a room dedicated to clothing and accessories to enhance and make your home functional.

Wide and decorated

White, wood and flower wallpaper give a unique and elegant character to this beautiful cabinet. It has an open space to place clothes and accessories like shoes and bags.

Minimal-classic style

White on white, with simple lines, creating a much cleaner and organized image of this beautiful modern cabinet, but with some very classic details.

A multitude of drawers and hooks

Having a large storage space in your wardrobe, the latter becomes obviously much more functional therefore, the drawers and bars above which hang the hooks make this simple wardrobe a great place to start the day!

Like a modern dressing room in a theater

A large mirror and ample space to put on your clothes make the design of this closet room become the dream of all women. Surely, as you will be fascinated by the lightness and modernity of the environment, right

Elegance to sell

The black chandelier placed in the center of the room and its clean design lines give elegance and refinement to this beautiful cabin, much like a real room.

Order and chromatic harmony

Cabinets, drawers and other compartments can be used not only for clothes, but you can also enjoy joys, accessories, shoes and suitcases, so keep everything in perfect order. In this example, the wood is conjugated with a beautiful white.

Enough lighting

In this wardrobe, we have a predominance of white on black, with lighting in some corners and well-organized spaces. This small cabin is ideal for a person who lives alone.

Warm and welcoming

Large windows allow natural light to penetrate abundantly; As well as uniquely illuminating each region, the sun that enters the window brings warmth and sensation


In this beautiful and modern wardrobe, the contrast is given by the enormous white of the furniture in contrast to the dark tone of the wood of the parquet, creating a very interesting space.

Vacation In Amsterdam These Neighborhoods Should Not Be Missed On Your Trip To Holland

Vacation In Amsterdam These Neighborhoods Should Not Be Missed On Your Trip To Holland

The first thing to do when you set foot in Amsterdam Forget buses, trams and taxis and ride the bike.

A holiday in Amsterdam is not complete if you do not explore the city on two wheels. You will notice it immediately, as soon as you step out of the station, the point of arrival with the rapid train that connects the airport in front of you will be all a bike ride of people of all ages best time to visit mexico, students, managers in dark suits, mothers with children … All who move on the world’s most environmentally friendly two-wheeler at any time of the day or night.

There is no fear, with the endless cycle paths covering about 400 kilometers of roads, you can get anywhere in the city and surroundings. After renting one in one of the many shops in the city, from the MacBike Amsterdam chain with stores scattered everywhere at Discount Bike Rental Amsterdam that has endless discounted models for those on a tight budget, it’s time to dive into the vibrant Dutch metropolis.

Alternative addresses to the usual Amsterdam

First stop is the lively district of Haarlemmerbuurt, west of the station. It is considered one of the most sparkling in the city, perhaps because of the friendly and cordial spirit that can be felt on the streets and in independent shops, where there are many temptations for shopping, even gastronomic kind.

On Wednesdays in the Haarlemmerplein square there is the characteristic farmers’ market that reminds one of the country villages. But if the zero-kilometer stands do not interest you, you can get lost in fashion boutiques and vintage clothes, trendy florists, original hairdressers, book stores and records.

This alternative neighborhood is also interesting in the evening, when the lights of the suggestive cocktail bars like Stout or Vesper Bar and upscale restaurants are lit. A real treat not to be missed is The Movies, the oldest cinema in the city still in operation and with a cozy restaurant.

Art is not touched

The second stop is Spiegelkwartier, a charming neighborhood that hosts art galleries and antique shops in the heart of the canal belt, with treasures of all kinds, from 17th-century furniture to Delft’s precious blue ceramics.

This is the area of the museums, some really unmissable even if you only organize a long weekend in Amsterdam the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum are real pearls that are worth the price of the ticket

Iran, Travel Tips All You Need To Know Before Leaving

Iran, Travel Tips All You Need To Know Before Leaving

Before embarking on my trip to Iran I anticipated a post of practical info for the design of the same. And now that I’ve done it, what can I say about this country

I can answer many of the questions that were asked and I myself asked myself.

I can make a balance not so much on the more touristy and perhaps more well-known aspects of this country travelhoundsusa, but on aspects less known, but in my opinion characterizing a trip like this.

Let’s start with the questions

In a recurring way, I was asked and asked Is Iran a safe destination

Assuming that there are no safe and certain places by definition, according to my experience and for what I perceived Iran is a safe country, where I myself felt serene. I remember that after 1979 and the fall of the shaz, Iran, following popular elections, chose to be a theocracy.

Every law of the state is governed by Islamic precepts. This consequently implies a certain rigidity in habits and customs, such as clothing, use of drugs, alcohol, theft, relationships between men and women, places of aggregation. Beyond the specific considerations, the most evident social aspect in a superficial analysis is of a certain order and respect towards the other and private property. From the stories I have gathered, thefts, harassments and social attitudes that are dangerous to others would seem rare.

From the point of view of the geo mash, from the years 70-80, Iran is in the black list of the United States and with alternating vicissitudes, the reciprocal image of absolute evil has never substantially changed. This also entails in our culture a certain popular reluctance around Iran and its government, an image that is not very likely considering the trades that Italy, despite the embargo, has always maintained and the good relations between the two countries.

The subsequent war against Iraq, in the post revolution, then US ally, has strengthened a certain negative idea towards this country and above all of its people, who suffered in recent years violence, abuses, and a damage of image difficult to be remedied .

What about the people of this great country

A separate chapter must be dedicated to the Iranians. Among the reasons for a trip to Iran, they are often listed. In fact, the people and meetings that make the difference are in the travels. I can confirm that the Iranians are welcoming, sociable, open and curious people in the most positive sense that can be given to this quality.

Without any second end, those traveling to Iran will find themselves surrounded by people, smiles and questions, whose sole purpose is to converse, meet you, know what you think and what they say about this people who love to call themselves persian rightly underlining sometimes, even with funny ways to say, that they are not Arabs but Persians. In fact the Iranians do not have anything Arabic. Their Islam is the Shiite one, the history sees them occupied by the invading Arabs, their way of doing, their relationship has nothing to do with their neighboring neighbors.

8 Spectacular Apartments With Space-Saving Ideas

8 Spectacular Apartments With Space-Saving Ideas

Although modern houses are more and more characterized by small size and multi-functional spaces, our needs are maintained and even increased. Let us think for instance to the necessity to have a home office to work from home, rather than a second bathroom. But how you can try and fit it all The secret is to focus on practical solutions save space, capable of giving us precious centimeters. Then let us be inspired by the suggestions of our experts and discover together 8 spectacular apartments with ideas equally incredible saves space, all to be copied.

In the studio the walls also hide the library

Another practical space-saving solution is designed to be copied, in Bologna, from MIROARCHITETTI for a small apartment full of objects, furniture and books the partition walls are made of plasterboard, so you can host the library, and so others do not steal precious centimeters.

In the living room the storage platform hosting the study

The space, you know, it’s never enough. Even when you have 120 square meters available, as in the case of this modern elegant apartment in the former industrial area Marconi Ostiense in Rome. Here in fact the study ARCHIFACTURING who oversaw the restructuring has added to living a practical platform with triple function

study area

container cabinet, with an extension to the library

Elevated panoramic place, overlooking the neighborhood

It is an ingenious space-saving idea that, with a single solution allows to obtain a comfortable studio without sacrificing the utility room.

In the studio the kitchen walls hide the bunk bed

Only one local targeting multiple functions it is the typical scenario of many Italian apartments, especially in cities. How to fit it all Interior designers study the Indesign Bologna have succeeded in this stylish studio apartment with a minimalist style, where the living area in the wall hides the bunk bed just 30 cm deep to create a structure with folding networks and with two simple moves the kitchen turns into the bedroom.

Compact and character

Who said that the kitchen to be beautiful must necessarily make use of large size Here we see the proof of the exact opposite the colors, in this case, help to enhance the layout and make everything brighter and visually spacious.

Kitchen or living room

When the island becomes absolute protagonist, it is difficult to separate the kitchen from the living room itself. One element to exploit all its potential and capabilities.

The pastels that illuminate

Match up the crayons can be difficult, but this kitchen gives us a fabulous inspiration. wooden white and blue are mixed together creating a joyful atmosphere and totally practical

How Does The Zoom Cameras

How Does The Zoom Cameras

Almost all digital cameras, including the most basic entry-level models, are equipped with compact zoom lenses and often powerful (in terms of magnification). Zoom lenses are so widespread and so often used in the shots newspapers that now no one stops to think more how they work or how they are made: we just press a button or turn a dial to set it in motion and then we take the photograph.

In recent years great strides have been made in the context of the zoom lenses in terms of optical quality akusaraprosound, brightness and miniaturization, but the roots are also in a very remote past: in fact, the first zoom in moving parts (therefore able to change the focal length) were used in 1834 in astronomy and military to “zoom in” distant objects. Subsequently, in 1932, he appeared the first target can correct optical aberrations while, in 1959, was placed on the market the first zoom lens for cameras.

Subsequently, they have followed zoom more and more high technology, equipped with autofocus, high brightness, of small dimensions. In short, the real gems of technology that continue to evolve at an impressive rate.

In the market there are different models of zoom based on different designs, but all share the same principle of operation: a zoom is a set of lenses of shape, pattern and different thickness that move (some of them) to one another to change the magnification of the shooting scene without changing the focus. Wanting to outline the operation of a zoom lens, we can see the two images below.

In the two diagrams is visible twice lens group: the fixed ones (the elements of focus) and the mobile (the elements magnification). The key element is obviously the movable concave lens, whose function is to disperse the light path. The concave lens, moving in the space between two convex lenses (beginning and end of stroke), changes the width (or dispersion) of the light rays that enter to the left of the drawings, modifying in this way the magnification. Obviously, the dispersion of the light rays means that you lose the focus, the problem corrected by the rear elements of the lens system, which concentrate the rays on the sensor of the camera image is guaranteed nitida.Nella schematization above, we can see the positions its lens when the lens is set to wide angle.

From Old House to Covered Apartment

From Old House to Covered Apartment

Certainly you will also have to go out of town for the weekend, perhaps in a more rustic place, and come to an old, dilapidated home. Probably inside it will be obsolete furniture, dirty tiles, and such a demodic air that nobody would ever want to have as a home.

In such cases, the only possible solution is undoubtedly a thorough refurbishment!

Well, that’s exactly what happened at the protagonist house of this idea¬† indolexa book, a 30’s one-family house whose decoration and distribution were far too much to the past!

The project is the work of Beat Nievergelt GmbH Architekt.

First a kitchen without grace

Prior to the intervention of the experts the kitchen was sad and dated, had an old-fashioned appearance and definitely out of fashion. Although the doors look like solid wood, they were simply covered with a foil, while the aluminum top in addition to stoning with the rest of the furniture, made it all colder. Finally, the white tiles on the walls gave the idea of ??an aseptic and style-free space.

After a design kitchen

Take a look at this image … it is impossible to realize that this is the same environment as the previous image, is not it Now the space is bright and with a unique style. The small kitchen has been joined to the living room to create a unique environment where the idea of ??space takes shape. White is the main color, and together with the parquet wood it makes the elegant and minimalist atmosphere.

Before a chill-out dining room

But let’s go back a bit back in time, and let’s see how the dining room first appeared. All I have to say is, the environment was sad and disheveling, and there were too many elements that stoned if positioned next to each other. The dolls hanging on the ceiling then, they were disturbing … almost to be part of the scenery of a horror movie.

After a delightful open space

In the renovation, the dining room was embedded in the design of large open space that encompasses the entire living area. This is an area dedicated to the table and the chairs so that they appear as an integral part of the space. The modern lines that characterize the kitchen ultimately also involve this area, where the chairs represent the color touch.

First dark and dark stairs

Although they may seem like a secondary element, the stairs represent a little detail in the structure of the house, and they have the ability to change the idea of ??the house. Looking at this image, in fact, it soon appears that the house is dark and dated. The colors are wrong, too dark for a small, light-free environment like this …

After light space

And in fact here is how our scale is now beautiful, modern and bright! To begin with, the steps were replaced with lighter wood, the wooden profiles disappeared to leave the white masonry place, and the black caps disappeared. Now everything has another look!