Britain, Too, Thinks About Taxing Large Banks

Britain, Too, Thinks About Taxing Large Banks

The British imitate the Americans once again. The new British government is in fact working on the launch of taxes on its banks as Barack Obama is doing in the United States. British taxes could arrive at a total cost of eight billion pounds (equivalent to more than nine billion Euros). He writes the Sunday edition of the Independent newspaper citing confidential sources and officials.

The measures, states the Independent on Sunday, they could be introduced unilaterally by the coalition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats 22 June in his first budget, the budget, as part of plans to limit the current record deficit.

The G20, the group of most developed countries and emerging, next month will discuss proposals on taxes for the banking sector, but the British Conservatives have already stated they would be prepared to go it alone.

The market purchases of debt securities issued by general government, even in the long term, with relative ease because, in addition to the premium, it is sure that these immune from failure, return the owed. The Greek crisis has cracked this certainty. After the bankruptcy of large banks before the saver it was also facing the specter of bankruptcy of sovereign states. It ‘just to exorcise that ministers from across Europe have flocked to the bedside of Greece.

It means to have a much higher public debt than other countries? That every year a greater share of current expenditure must be allocated to the payment of interest charges, rather than to government measures to support the economy. These are significant figures: in 2009 in Italy, interest expenditure amounted to 4.7 percentage points of GDP, 71.2 billion euro. If our debt was half of what exists (as it should), we would have an annual sum of about 35 billion euro (as many as 10 more of the maneuver just launched) available for fiscal actions. that in cosda If the bar can justify some doubts. But the next-door neighbor, who works in the bank,

It serves so little martyred civil servants to save 7 or 8 billion euro. Need to reduce waste and inefficiency, the prevention of tax evasion, but above all to put fuel (and do not even need much) knowledge (education and research), the only area that will give us that extra point of growth without which the mountain debt can not be scaled. The asset can be the fuel.

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