Do It Yourself, Here’s How To Sell Their Creations On The Internet

Do It Yourself, Here’s How To Sell Their Creations On The Internet

If you are expert in DIY and want to sell them for some money overcharged or even create a true e-commerce, there is a better idea to use the Internet and network with all its resources. But how?

First of all, it is good to think that the network is only “apparently” no-limits, but in reality it has several binary options terpercaya. One, the most important is to be found in the vast sea of ??ads.
How to sell online?

Suppose you have created the DIY wedding favors, the best idea is to sell the products on sites known as, Backeca, Kijiji and E-bay. This way, you can launch your DIY with photography, presentation and announcement of the sale, in a completely free. In addition, you will be protected in the privacy and will not have to “give explanations” on the price and margin in the ad text. Obviously, with regard to revenues, you have to be the rules of the IRS.

Sell ??online without VAT

If you have determined that your product works, then you have to create your own blog or your website. This creates an online showcase of your beautiful creations. As we said, we can sell under the occasional performance, issuing a receipt specific to reach the threshold gain of € 5,000, after which it will be necessary to open the VAT and no longer pay withholding tax (20%) on fees, but, in fact VAT.
Sell ??their creations on Facebook

Facebook is not a place of sale. Although for some years now, his enthusiastic success as social networks most used in the world, has certainly made it attractive as a sales tool online, it is illegal to sell on Facebook. What you can do is instead on social ADVERTISING ‘. On the other hand, it appears that there exists a successful sale without advertising? We use Facebook as a showcase, a way to achieve our contacts and “warn” we have created a business or want to bring to the attention of the contacts, our beautiful creations. As? Creating a fan page of our website or a product presentation event.
Sites that sell DIY to create an e-commerce

If your idea works, you can expect to make a small investment of sponsorship and through Facebook itself, indeed sponsoring the page (this service for a fee) is by selling your product on sites selling fee (up to 3% attention) that, in exchange for the sale of the product, take a small percentage of labor management.

Market research

Last but not least, do a little market research on the product that you are going to sell to try to cover an area or an area that is not over-inflated. Obviously, you do competitive prices, be sincere, honest and 100% transparent. The web is so helpful with those who risk, as merciless with those who make mistakes! Who thinks to hide generally they’re wrong!

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