From Old Attic to Modern and Beautiful Mansard

From Old Attic to Modern and Beautiful Mansard

The mansards always have some charm, there is nothing to do, or because they usually have the sloping roof that creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere, and because, being on the top floor, they are panoramic and this helps to create A special climate inside. The one we visit today was curated by the CLAUDIO DESIGN DESIGN LABORATORY architects and has a distinctly modern connotation. The spaces are basic, minimal and very elegant. In the kitchen we find the total white, while in the rest of the living area the color appears, but always in a very controlled way, without excess.

An open space

The plant is organized with an open-plan design, so that it has a strong connection between the various parts of the living area, which are thus even brighter, without separation walls. Really gorgeous the wide, warm, but clear, woody parquet flooring.

A white kitchen

In the kitchen free way to white! This space is certainly the brightest of the house, also thanks to the wide opening on the side of the breakfast shelf. The furnishings fit perfectly to the trend of the roof – furnishing a mansard also means studying tailor-made solutions.

Breakfast area with view

The breakfast shelf is the only dark, wooden element, contrasting with the rest of the kitchen. The space it faces is completely white, creating a total continuity between interior and exterior.

The rest of the open space

In the living room and in the dining room we find a bit of color, but nothing too much, the tones are always elegant and sophisticated.

The livingroom

The living room, due to the inclination of the roof, is the part of the most intimate and cozy home, which is well suited to a space dedicated to conversation and relaxation. Really beautiful the green chosen for the sofas and perfect matching with the carpet.

The dining room

The dining room is characterized by the warmth of wood and bamboo chairs. This choice of materials gives an informal, relaxed, very pleasant tone.


In the bedroom there is a pleasant mix of styles the tables used as bedside tables have curved lines, a romantic design, while the black suspension lamps and the abat jours have a distinct industrial character.

The bathroom

In the bathroom we find the elements in the rest of the house a beautiful parquet, a touch of black, which enhances the shower box and creates a gritty contrast with the rest, and modern lines for the sanitary.

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