From Old House to Covered Apartment

From Old House to Covered Apartment

Certainly you will also have to go out of town for the weekend, perhaps in a more rustic place, and come to an old, dilapidated home. Probably inside it will be obsolete furniture, dirty tiles, and such a demodic air that nobody would ever want to have as a home.

In such cases, the only possible solution is undoubtedly a thorough refurbishment!

Well, that’s exactly what happened at the protagonist house of this idea¬† indolexa book, a 30’s one-family house whose decoration and distribution were far too much to the past!

The project is the work of Beat Nievergelt GmbH Architekt.

First a kitchen without grace

Prior to the intervention of the experts the kitchen was sad and dated, had an old-fashioned appearance and definitely out of fashion. Although the doors look like solid wood, they were simply covered with a foil, while the aluminum top in addition to stoning with the rest of the furniture, made it all colder. Finally, the white tiles on the walls gave the idea of ??an aseptic and style-free space.

After a design kitchen

Take a look at this image … it is impossible to realize that this is the same environment as the previous image, is not it Now the space is bright and with a unique style. The small kitchen has been joined to the living room to create a unique environment where the idea of ??space takes shape. White is the main color, and together with the parquet wood it makes the elegant and minimalist atmosphere.

Before a chill-out dining room

But let’s go back a bit back in time, and let’s see how the dining room first appeared. All I have to say is, the environment was sad and disheveling, and there were too many elements that stoned if positioned next to each other. The dolls hanging on the ceiling then, they were disturbing … almost to be part of the scenery of a horror movie.

After a delightful open space

In the renovation, the dining room was embedded in the design of large open space that encompasses the entire living area. This is an area dedicated to the table and the chairs so that they appear as an integral part of the space. The modern lines that characterize the kitchen ultimately also involve this area, where the chairs represent the color touch.

First dark and dark stairs

Although they may seem like a secondary element, the stairs represent a little detail in the structure of the house, and they have the ability to change the idea of ??the house. Looking at this image, in fact, it soon appears that the house is dark and dated. The colors are wrong, too dark for a small, light-free environment like this …

After light space

And in fact here is how our scale is now beautiful, modern and bright! To begin with, the steps were replaced with lighter wood, the wooden profiles disappeared to leave the white masonry place, and the black caps disappeared. Now everything has another look!

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