Furnish In White Why And How To Do It!

Furnish In White Why And How To Do It!

With its whiteness and its peculiarities, the white becomes trump card in the hands of designers and international designers. Decorate the house and cover surfaces using non-color par excellence is indeed a habit to which industry professionals can not give up, for various and valid reasons, first of all, the brightness it conveys. White enhances the sizes, lights environments and combines perfectly with all shades, making ideal leitmotif of contemporary housing and non-residential buildings. There are many stylistic combinations that allows for its innate versatility, as there are so many styles and contexts that can satisfy. How can we use it to further refine the interior design of the house How many and what good reason should convince us to choose white as a must and undisputed protagonist of our rooms

Let’s find out right away, through 6 exciting examples from Italy and abroad!

Illuminate environments

Known and obvious, the axiom of white as the light conductor is one of the catalysts immoderate use of this neutral color within each type of space, from the smallest to the largest. Especially when the environment does not enjoy large, make the white on walls, furniture and even tissues, may lead to a significant improvement in visual-wide architecture. Natural light is in fact conveyed by light colors captained by white, but even better implemented by the total white. Even artificial lighting, in the dark fell, if well calibrated and affixed in the right places of the rooms, can guarantee perfect pairing for maximum brightness and impressive home.

Give the light of the kitchen

The total white is a big must, even in the kitchen! If in fact we are used to thinking of living and in particular to the kitchenette as the hub of domestic life, here is that white will be a good ally to accompany us during the daily experience. If anyone is still skeptical as to associate the white aseptic environments, the proposal signed Schott Cuisines be effective to change your mind. The shabby and traditional approaches here perfectly impeccable palette ethereal, making the whole very bright kitchen, cozy and elegant. Even so the tradition meets contemporary style, creating a refined and studied in detail.

Make stylish every corner

The elegance of white lives in every corner that covers, from the most visible to the most hidden. Whether it’s a small finishing or is an integral part of the furniture, the candor of this neutral color defines and makes refined each complement.

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