How To Survive The Change

An entrepreneur shares what you should look for in your employees and implement in your company to innovate and remain in the market.

The world changes quickly. In recent years we have witnessed more inventions and transformations than were previously generated in spaces of decades and even centuries. Just look around and observe the way we communicate and work to realize that little has to do with how we did at the beginning of this millennium.

This fast and exponential evolution is exciting; However, it is a complex challenge for entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporations. Technology changes and the way of doing business too, then why do not you? Pedro Moeno, creator of Oppino , a global innovation consultancy, shares the five keys that a company must incorporate in its model to not only survive changes in the market, but to anticipate them:

1. Curiosity.

This quality that distinguishes human beings is the basis of an innovative company. Curiosity is also the origin of creativity; And for a business to survive and adapt to changes, it must generate ideas and creative solutions to problems.

Make curiosity a healthy habit in your company: encourage your team to share their ideas and find new ways of doing things. Remember that innovation is not only in the products, but also can be in processes, marketing, way of working, and so on.

2. Skill

Many scientists agree that one of the characteristics that differentiated man from his simian relatives was the opposable thumb; This “small” change in evolution is what allows us to handle the tools and become engineers. As for so many things in life (such as manipulating objects and operating machines), skill is necessary to create ideas, produce products and make them succeed in the market.

That is why it is key that in your company there are two basic components: talent and training . Try to recruit people with talent, skills and passion, but make sure they learn every day and become experts in their area (nothing better than developing your own talent). One of the greatest values ??of companies that live for many years is that they have trained and knowledgeable people who know how to adapt to changes.

3. Communication.

It is key that an organization has an efficient communication towards all its public, both internal and external. Communication allows finding new ideas, solving problems, avoiding conflicts and accelerating processes.

In order for your company to work like a well-oiled machine, you must try to have the appropriate communication channels. It promotes versatility (that employees experience in different areas) and healthy coexistence. Create an “open door” policy and allow everyone to express themselves freely.

4. Courage.

“Nothing ventured nothing gained”…. This old adage is the one that best explains the importance of innovation and taking risks in a company. You can not go to the “safe” or stay where you are; To survive in the dynamic market you must take risks and dare to challenge the status quo (clearly, making an analysis of the risks and taking measures to reduce the possible negative effects).

At this point, Moneo affirms that it is essential to motivate entrepreneurship within the same organization. These workers / entrepreneurs are called “intrapreneurs” and are the best tool to revolutionize your company and take it to the next level.

5. Ethics.

This factor, which is often forgotten in the business world, is essential for a company to survive in the long term. Carefully define the values ??and mission of the company and communicate them to everyone who works with you. A successful company must act for the welfare of its customers, its employees, its partners and shareholders, its community and the environment. Only in this way does he achieve permanence in time.

Moneo explains that these five characteristics are what you should have in mind when recruiting your employees. From the job interviews, check that the candidate complies with them; consider that if you do not have people who can adapt to change, your company probably does not have what it takes to survive and ends up disappearing.

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