Iran, Travel Tips All You Need To Know Before Leaving

Iran, Travel Tips All You Need To Know Before Leaving

Before embarking on my trip to Iran I anticipated a post of practical info for the design of the same. And now that I’ve done it, what can I say about this country

I can answer many of the questions that were asked and I myself asked myself.

I can make a balance not so much on the more touristy and perhaps more well-known aspects of this country travelhoundsusa, but on aspects less known, but in my opinion characterizing a trip like this.

Let’s start with the questions

In a recurring way, I was asked and asked Is Iran a safe destination

Assuming that there are no safe and certain places by definition, according to my experience and for what I perceived Iran is a safe country, where I myself felt serene. I remember that after 1979 and the fall of the shaz, Iran, following popular elections, chose to be a theocracy.

Every law of the state is governed by Islamic precepts. This consequently implies a certain rigidity in habits and customs, such as clothing, use of drugs, alcohol, theft, relationships between men and women, places of aggregation. Beyond the specific considerations, the most evident social aspect in a superficial analysis is of a certain order and respect towards the other and private property. From the stories I have gathered, thefts, harassments and social attitudes that are dangerous to others would seem rare.

From the point of view of the geo mash, from the years 70-80, Iran is in the black list of the United States and with alternating vicissitudes, the reciprocal image of absolute evil has never substantially changed. This also entails in our culture a certain popular reluctance around Iran and its government, an image that is not very likely considering the trades that Italy, despite the embargo, has always maintained and the good relations between the two countries.

The subsequent war against Iraq, in the post revolution, then US ally, has strengthened a certain negative idea towards this country and above all of its people, who suffered in recent years violence, abuses, and a damage of image difficult to be remedied .

What about the people of this great country

A separate chapter must be dedicated to the Iranians. Among the reasons for a trip to Iran, they are often listed. In fact, the people and meetings that make the difference are in the travels. I can confirm that the Iranians are welcoming, sociable, open and curious people in the most positive sense that can be given to this quality.

Without any second end, those traveling to Iran will find themselves surrounded by people, smiles and questions, whose sole purpose is to converse, meet you, know what you think and what they say about this people who love to call themselves persian rightly underlining sometimes, even with funny ways to say, that they are not Arabs but Persians. In fact the Iranians do not have anything Arabic. Their Islam is the Shiite one, the history sees them occupied by the invading Arabs, their way of doing, their relationship has nothing to do with their neighboring neighbors.

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