Is Your Business Dangerous To Your Health?

Some statistics show that self-employed people are twice as likely to die as those who work for a company.

Unless you are excessively macabre, dying is probably not up to the list of things to do. However, some statistics show that those who are self-employed are twice as likely to die as those who are employed in a company.

To test this assertion, according to the Census of lethal occupational injuries (Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries) , conducted in the United States who are self- employed are more likely to suffer a fatal accident that those working as employees.

The common victims of the businesses include owners of retail establishments, such as convenience stores, supermarkets and restaurants, who die mainly from homicides. Employers were the victims of 22 percent of homicides, compared with 16 percent of employees. While gunshot wounds were the most common cause of death in employers.

Guy Toscano, director of the census program, identified a common threat among homicide victims:

“They work alone, and they leave late with cash,” he says.

Considering that entrepreneurship is becoming more popular and crime is intensifying, Toscano predicts that the number of business deaths will probably increase. Therefore, as your risk intensifies, have a bit of common sense: Put your money in a safe place, take precautions, be aware of your environment and go home early for once.

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