The Evolution Of The Camera Obscura,The Room Clear

The Evolution Of The Camera Obscura,The Room Clear

Let’s start with the anticipation that a room can cost very little clear as can cost several Euros, depending on how we want to make technological and powerful. Unlike the dark room where, for better or worse, you need to start with everything you need, the room light is something that can be improved from time to time, until you get to the level of excellence that will really help us in the work of post production and printing

Basically, a clear room must contain: a computer for post production and editing images akusewa, a monitor, a printer. This list can then further expand adding a scanner for photos and / or negative, a graphics tablet for easier manipulation of images, a second monitor support, a NAS to store our photographs. Let’s see, below, what we need to set our clear room (room apart from that, this time, can be enlightened as we want).

The computer. Working with photos means to process very large files often have little to do with the video card. This means that the least important component in a computer dedicated exclusively to editing is, in fact, the video card. For the latter, however, remember that you must have at least two video outputs: otherwise affix a budget (say about 150 €) and choose the best that the market offers. Memory is vital to the contrary: 16 Gb are a must (the speed affects the performance, but not enough to force us to spend disproportionate numbers). Also important is storage: HDD as main bodies with a good SSD 128Gb HDD support while as you can opt for 1Tb, considering the very low price. The processor is crucial as it will be exploited to the maximum in image manipulation. Intel I7 (those with K are overclockable) should be your choice, while the motherboard go for one that has at least one USB 3.0 output. The power supply and the case should be as silent as possible (concentration above all!) But without fainting. The power supply, for example, can be of 500W if you do not overdo it with the video card. In any case, use of the computer for photo editing should not reach 1000 euro to around the € 800 (the difference is often the video card).

The monitor. My advice is to equip yourself with at least a pair of monitor where it can be oriented vertically. As for size and resolution, these are related mostly to the budget you have. One of the best monitors in circulation for photography

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