Vacation In Amsterdam These Neighborhoods Should Not Be Missed On Your Trip To Holland

Vacation In Amsterdam These Neighborhoods Should Not Be Missed On Your Trip To Holland

The first thing to do when you set foot in Amsterdam Forget buses, trams and taxis and ride the bike.

A holiday in Amsterdam is not complete if you do not explore the city on two wheels. You will notice it immediately, as soon as you step out of the station, the point of arrival with the rapid train that connects the airport in front of you will be all a bike ride of people of all ages best time to visit mexico, students, managers in dark suits, mothers with children … All who move on the world’s most environmentally friendly two-wheeler at any time of the day or night.

There is no fear, with the endless cycle paths covering about 400 kilometers of roads, you can get anywhere in the city and surroundings. After renting one in one of the many shops in the city, from the MacBike Amsterdam chain with stores scattered everywhere at Discount Bike Rental Amsterdam that has endless discounted models for those on a tight budget, it’s time to dive into the vibrant Dutch metropolis.

Alternative addresses to the usual Amsterdam

First stop is the lively district of Haarlemmerbuurt, west of the station. It is considered one of the most sparkling in the city, perhaps because of the friendly and cordial spirit that can be felt on the streets and in independent shops, where there are many temptations for shopping, even gastronomic kind.

On Wednesdays in the Haarlemmerplein square there is the characteristic farmers’ market that reminds one of the country villages. But if the zero-kilometer stands do not interest you, you can get lost in fashion boutiques and vintage clothes, trendy florists, original hairdressers, book stores and records.

This alternative neighborhood is also interesting in the evening, when the lights of the suggestive cocktail bars like Stout or Vesper Bar and upscale restaurants are lit. A real treat not to be missed is The Movies, the oldest cinema in the city still in operation and with a cozy restaurant.

Art is not touched

The second stop is Spiegelkwartier, a charming neighborhood that hosts art galleries and antique shops in the heart of the canal belt, with treasures of all kinds, from 17th-century furniture to Delft’s precious blue ceramics.

This is the area of the museums, some really unmissable even if you only organize a long weekend in Amsterdam the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum are real pearls that are worth the price of the ticket

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